The Functional Movement Brace is a new product that aids in stabilizing the spine during exercise.

Designed by fitness professional Jared Garcia, the patent pending Brace works by giving you immediate feedback with your workouts. It doesn’t allow you the option of getting into incorrect positions, which makes your body work more naturally.


Everybody needs a Personal Trainer: somebody to make sure that you’re performing optimally. The Functional Movement Brace is your Trainer.

Personal Trainers & Physical Therapists love the Brace because of its simplicity and ease-of-use.

The Functional Movement Brace gives immediate feedback during exercise, meaning that it tells you whether you’re performing an exercise correctly or not.


The Brace is also an economical training tool.

For the cost of the brace, you don’t just get another “fad” piece of equipment but you receive a tool that will allow you to learn new exercises and keep your body safe.

The Functional Movement Brace is designed to keep the body stable, which decreases the likelihood of injury. And by exercising with good technique, you increases performance in all manners of exercise, such as strength, power, endurance, posture, stability and balance.


The Brace can also be used as an ergonomic aid, being utilized while sitting at a work desk throughout the day.

This is another reason that Personal Trainers & Physical Therapists love the Brace. The Brace is multi-faceted with its simplicity and ease-of-use.



The Functional Movement Brace will soon be available for retail markets.

For purchasing inquiries please contact Jared Garcia


For instructions on how to use the Functional Movement Brace please go here.

Also, here are 10 exercises to get you started with the Functional Movement Brace:

The Plank

Forward Ball Roll

Side Lunge

Side Plank


Forward Lunge

Push Up


Kettlebell Swings

Jumping Rope