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Jack Knife On A Stability Ball

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Jack Knife -- Stability Ball

Jack Knife — Stability Ball

You will need a stability ball for this exercise.

The Jack Knife exercise is great for your Core. Its hard enough just to stabilize your body on the ball, but we’re gonna add some movement to make it a harder exercise.

Begin with your hands under your shoulders, your back straight, bring your belly button to spine, your feet on the ball (hip width apart) and your knees straight.

Jack Knife Starting Position

Jack Knife Starting Position

While keeping your back straight and maintaining balance, roll the ball forward bringing your knees towards your chest.

**The biggest mistake people make with this exercise is that they allow their back to round when rolling the ball forward. Keep your head, mid-back and low-back in a straight line while attempting this exercise**

Stay balanced. Stay Focused. And just roll with it!winky emoji

And remember:

In order to achieve something you’ve never done before, you must be willing to become somebody you’ve never been before


Forward Ball Roll

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Forward Ball Roll

Forward Ball Roll

This is a great exercise for your core. Like the Plank exercise, this will work on stability and strength of your core.

You will need a stability ball for this exercise.

You’re going to put a portion of your bodyweight on the ball, and because it will want to roll about, you will need to stabilize your core against this natural ball movement.

Start in a kneeling position with your forearms situated underneath your chest and also just behind the apex of the ball. Your hips should be flexed forward, but your back should still have its natural curves with alignment between your low-back, mid-back, and head.

You should also have your belly button drawn in throughout the Forward Ball Roll.

Roll the ball forward and stop at the point just before you lose form. Go to this end point and hold for 3 seconds, then return to the starting position. Breathe in when rolling the ball away from you and breathe out when rolling the ball back towards you.

Keep the weight evenly distributed between your two forearms and knees.

Perform 3 sets of 15 reps, at a tempo of 3 seconds to roll out, hold at the furthest position for 3 seconds and take 3 seconds to roll back to the original starting position.

Focus on your core. Focus on emoji

And Remember:

In order to achieve something you’ve never done before, you must be willing to become somebody you’ve never been before