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Side Lunge

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Bodyweight Side Lunge

Bodyweight Side Lunge


The lunge is another Primal Movement that’s seen in activities of daily living and sport, and like the squat, uses triple extension (hip, knee, and ankle extension).

This means it’s a highly recommended exercise!dancing emoji


Start with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands on your hips. Draw your belly button in and step out to the side, either at a 3 or 9 o’clock position (stepping to the left or to the right). Exhale while you keep both feet facing forward and bend the leg you’re stepping with. Keep the knee of the trailing leg straight, the leg that’s staying still, during the motion. Your hips will shift backwards as your torso falls slightly forward. Inhale as you step back up to the starting position.

Yup, its that simple. cool


Make sure you:

1)      Keep your spine in a straight line (low-back, mid-back, head)

2)      Keep your belly button drawn in

3)      Keep your shoulders back and down

4)      Breath out on the way down; breath in on the way up

5)      Don’t let your torso twist

6)      Your torso should be positioned at a 60 degree angle when you’re in the lowest position


Have fun with the side lunge!

And remember:

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