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The Turkish Get-Up: A Highly Effective Exercise

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The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up is a highly functional movement that requires all the muscles of the body working together in order to get from a lying down position to a standing position and back down again, in a safe manner.

This exercise works on: Core strength and stability, hip mobility and strength, shoulder strength and stability, body awareness, and more.

Here are some points to focus on: your breathing should match up with the steps outlined below, keep your wrists straight, use no weight/light weight to start, keep your eyes on the weight the entire time, try this exercise without shoes (it will make your feet work too!).

Alright, these instructions are long but necessary. Take this exercise slow and make sure you can do each position with perfect



Getting into the starting position: This is a commonly overlooked aspect of the Turkish Get-Up exercise. Begin by lying down on your right side, with your right knee bent, your left leg straight, your right elbow bent and underneath your body, and your right hand gripping the weight as close to your body as possible. This puts your arm in an extremely strong position. Now, roll over so that you’re on your back, keeping your hand (and the weight) close to your body. Press the weight up, straightening your right elbow above you.




You should now be lying on your back face up, with the weight in your right hand and above you, with your elbow straight, your shoulder back and down, making your arm perpendicular to the floor. Your right knee should be bent with your foot close to your butt, your left leg should be straight and your left arm should be out away from your body.





The first step is going to be multiple actions in one. Breathe out while you move the weight up, slightly forward and to the left by punching your fist upwards, pressing through your right heel, and rotating your torso to the left. You’re going to stabilize the weight and your bodyweight on your left forearm and your left leg.





The next move is to get from your left forearm to your hand. Breathe out, and using more rotation through your torso, another small punch from your right arm, a little power from your hip, and strength from your left arm, bring your left hand underneath you.

The next steps are going to work on stabilization and its going to be easy to want to rush through these parts, but I want you to slow down and make sure you have control.





Breathe out and drive your right heel into the ground, creating a bridge-like position with your right foot, your left foot, and your left hand. You should feel this motion in your butt since this is the main muscle group that extends your hips.





The next portion of the Turkish Get-Up is one of the trickier parts. You need to sweep your left leg underneath your body, softly positioning your left knee underneath your hip. The rest of your body should remain stable, keeping your chest out and eyes focused on the weight to keep coordination.





Pivot your left leg and torso so that your body is facing the same direction, with your hips and shoulders all facing the same direction. Your right arm should be by your ear; keeping it close to your body and directly over your hip and knee directs the forces straight down and keeps your body in its strongest positioning. This is probably the easiest part of the move.



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Now, stand-up! Keep your right foot flat on the ground, eyes focused on the weight above you, chest out, breathe out and perform a forward lung to get yourself and the weight up to a standing position.

Congratulations, you’re half way through the Turkish Get-Up!

Now, perform the exact opposite motion to get the weight back down to the starting position. And take your time!

Try out 3 reps on each side of your body for the Turkish Get-Up. It takes some time, but there are so many great things about this exercise. If you’re able to perform the Turkish Get-Up, start making it part of your routine.

Be safe. Have fun.dancing banana

And remember:

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