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Spot Reduce Fat

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Spot Reduce Myth

Spot Reduce Myth

Can you spot reduce fatty areas?

In short….no.

Machines and products that target abs, the back of the arms, or inner thighs, as well as “toning” workouts may be effective strengthening exercises to build muscle in those areas, but they wont get to the fat that you’re aiming for.  The small muscles that are the main focus in these areas will burn calories, but it will be a small amount of calories.

Lots of “toning” programs like to focus on the little muscles, but these burn little calories. Large movements use large muscles, and they burn larger calories. So if you want to burn more calories, sticking to larger movements such as the squat, push up, and overhead press, are the movements that are going to help out the most.

Also, when working these big movements, you will be using the smaller muscles that you were probably trying to hit with machine exercises anyways.

These large movements (a.k.a. multi-joint exercises) are linked with the greatest muscle formation and metabolic after-burn (post-exercise calorie burn).

Further, high volume, low-rest exercise programs stimulate higher releases of growth hormone and testosterone, which is great for building muscle (which burns calories throughout the day)!party

Overall body fat must be reduced to lose fat in any particular area. Fat storage (how and where you personally hold your fat) is dependent on genetics, sex (hormones), and age.

So how do you lose fat weight?

In short, you lose body fat by decreasing your calories.

That can either be from a decrease in calories taken in (decreasing the amount you’re eating and drinking) or from increasing calories expended (exercising more using big movements as listed above). If you want faster results, decrease the amount of calories you take in and exercise more.

If you want to lose weight, intake less calories and exercise more with big movements.

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