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Product Review: Ladera Granola

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batman bam

Did you see the awesome story from the Make-A-Wish Foundation from last Friday, with Batkid saving San Francisco? If not, check this out: KA-POW!

I was lucky enough to be a part of this day, and even though I was just a casual observer (and flagrant chanter of “Batkid!”), it was truly amazing to be a part of.

While I was waiting outside I overheard a guy giving out a free sample of a food product.


Photo used from

Photo used from

Free. Sample. Ummmmm, yes please.

And it was a healthy snack= extra bonus.

What I received was granola from a company called Ladera. I instantly tore open the bag and shared it with my closest neighbors (who I instantly became friends with).

What I tasted was pure gold. As the Almond Pecan granola rolled around my mouth I read the bag and was even more delighted at my days’ luck. “All natural whole grains; No preservatives; No cholesterol”.

Clean. Healthy. Delicious. Almonds. Pecans.
I don’t know how much more happiness I could get out of a 12 oz bag of granola.

I highly recommend this snack/yogurt-topper. This was my first time trying anything from Ladera but trust me, I will be back to try more of their products.

Let me know if you try it out and tell me what you think!

Eat well. And remember:

In order to achieve something you’ve never done before, you must be willing to become somebody you’ve never been before