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Calorie Break Down

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I’m going to break down what a calorie is, how its used, and some other fun facts!


So just to be clear, calories aren’t bad for you, they’re needed to survive.

Plain and simple, a calorie is a unit of energy that the body uses to function.

And there are 3 main sources of calories: Proteins (1g = 4 calories), Carbohydrates (1g = 4 calories), and Fats (1g = 9 calories). We need all 3 sources to survive so trying to cut out any one of these is not a good idea.

Lets put this information to use.

We’re gonna take a look at an oatmeal label, and see how the calories, Proteins, Carbohydrates “Carbs”, and Fats play out.

On the label, our oatmeal has 2 grams of Fat, 4 grams of Protein and 32 grams of Carbs, producing a total of 162 calories.

Of these 162 calories,

18 come from Fat (9 cal x 2g),

16 come from Protein (4 cal x 4g) and

128 come from carbohydrates (4 cal x 32g).

 Your body can only do 2 things with this energy: burn it (daily living & exercise) or store it. And the #1 pathway is to store this energy as fat!!!


Do you have goals of losing weight? Gaining weight? Maintaining weight? nutritional eating

Ultimately, your body weight is dependent only on the difference between the amount of calories that you consume versus the amount of calories that you burn (aka caloric balance).

  • If you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight
  • If you burn more calories than you eat you will lose weight
  • If you eat the same amount of calories that you burn your weight will not change

Also, there is no such thing as good and bad calories. Molecules don’t come with labels indicating where they came from, whether that’s processed, organic, free range, etc. (that doesn’t mean I don’t care where they came from for other reasons such as added hormones).

Be sure to check back for my follow up post on the dreaded “Empty Calorie” and what it means for you.

And remember:

In order to achieve something you’ve never done before, you must be willing to become somebody you’ve never been before