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Essential Stretches for the Modern Worker

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Lets checkout some ESSENTIAL stretches:

Essential Stretches #1: Hip Flexor Stretch

hip flexor stretchKneel on the ground, with your back knee resting on the ground. Lean your torso forward, while also applying pressure down into the knee that’s on the ground. You should feel a stretch on the leg that’s facing behind you. The stretch should be felt on the front of the hip, and you may feel it into the front of your stomach and the front of your thigh. Repeat on your other side.








Essential Stretches #2: Back Rotation Stretch

back rotation

Begin lying on your left side. While keeping your left leg straight, bend your right knee to 90 degrees and place that knee on the ground. While holding your right knee on the ground with your left hand, slowly rotate your right arm and torso as far as you can. The goal is it to get your arm to touch the ground. You should feel this in your mid-back, but you also might feel this through your right chest, abs, and right leg. Repeat on your other side.








Essential Stretches #3: Chest Stretch

chest stretch

Place your right arm in a doorway. Gently rotate your torso to the left. You may have to adjust the height of your arm in order to feel this stretch in your chest and not in your shoulders. Repeat on your other side.










Essential Stretches #4: Neck Stretch


Bring your left ear down to your left shoulder. Now turn your head and look at your left armpit. Gently apply pressure to the back of your head. Repeat on your other side.






Essential Stretches #5: Butt Stretch


While seated in a chair, place your bent right leg over your left leg. While keeping your back straight, gently lean your torso forward. You should feel a stretch on your right side, in one of your butt muscles. Repeat on your other side.






Essential Stretches #6: Hamstring Stretch


Stand-up straight and place your right leg on a chair, keeping your right knee straight. Make sure to keep your hips straight and keep your standing foot facing completely forward. If this isn’t enough of a stretch, start leaning your torso forward while keeping your back straight. You should feel this in the back of your right thigh. Repeat on your other side.







Most of my clients work at a computer all day. They are seated from 7 – 10 hours, daily, and only get up a few times.

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Also, most of them aren’t sitting with perfect posture.

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Most people do not sit with perfect posture and are mostly immobile during the day. This can cause extreme tightness that builds up over time and can lead to all types of problems. If you reread my earlier post “Living with Tightness”, I give you a breakdown of the hazards of not stretching.

Hold each stretch for 30 – 45 seconds. Its best if you stretch after you’re already warm, which is perfect after a workout.

Stay loose. Stretch often.

And remember:

In order to achieve something you’ve never done before, you must be willing to become somebody you’ve never been before