Services and Rates to Match Your Goals

Getting started: As a new client, you can expect a few assessments as to determine your baselines and areas of focus. There will be a nutritional questionnaire, health history questionnaire, a movement screening, and a sports assessment (if applicable). The nutritional evaluation uses the assessments learned from the CHEK Institute and metabolic typing.

Each person has biochemical individuality and should be treated different than everybody else. The physical assessments are used to identify flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, power, imbalances, movement, sensory mismatch, and skill.

Hourly Rates and Goal-based Rates Available

Rates are dependent on services and goals, and range from $80 – $150/hr. Group services and rates available upon request.

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Personal Training
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Field Sports Training
  • Running
  • Soccer Technique/Training