Push Up with the Functional Movement Brace - Elite Performance SF

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Push Up FMB

You will need the Functional Movement Brace on your back and the PVC pipe in place

Your starting position will be the same as for The Plank exercise. Start by lying down on your stomach and have your hands underneath your shoulders. You should be on the balls of your feet with a 90 degree angle at your ankle. Press through the balls of your feet to straighten out your legs and have your butt engaged (squeeze your butt). Draw in your belly button towards your spine (this engages your deep core muscles), straighten your elbows so that your arms are straight and hold this position until you’re ready to begin. Make sure that your shoulders stay away from your ears and focus on slow controlled breathing. Have your weight evenly distributed between your two feet and both of your hands.

Remember to:

  1. Lower yourself until you’re 2 inches from the floor
  2. Breathe in on your way down and breath out on your way back up
  3. If you need an easier version of this, start on your knees rather than your toes but follow all other instruction from above

*Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions per side using only your bodyweight*