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Posted by | November 25, 2013 | Exercise Highlight | One Comment

Are you guilty of doing an exercise that isn’t good for you? I know I am.

Before I learned about how the body works and choosing correct exercises, I was guilty of trying exercises because they looked cool or they were difficult.

Lets go over some exercises that are commonly seen around the gym but actually aren’t good for you. When you go into your gym next, or into your boot camp classes, check to see who’s doing these exercises. Hopefully they aren’t the fitness instructors that are supposed to be helping people.

The Burpee

modified burpeeIs it hard? Oh yea. Is it safe? Mmmm, not so much. The burpee requires a lot of stabilization through your core (deep abs and back muscles) with a lot of power generation and stability through the rest of your joints, especially the lower body. Have ankle, knee, hip, or back problems? Then this probably isn’t for you.



Behind the Neck Shoulder Press

BehindNeckBegin320This exercise kills me to see. I literally cringe every time I see this. Behind the neck exercises like the shoulder press put an excruciating amount of pressure on your shoulders.






Shoulder Shrugs with a roll



It doesn’t work the traps (upper back/neck) any more to roll your shoulders. It may seem harder but it just looks and feels funky.


If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask somebody. Why are you doing that exercise? Is it truly helping your body? Is there a better exercise you could be doing?

If you have a question on exercises I am more than happy to help. Just comment below or message me.

Exercise should be fun AND safe.

And remember:

In order to achieve something you’ve never done before, you must be willing to become somebody you’ve never been before