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Functional Movement Brace Instructions & Tips

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The Functional Movement Brace (FMB) is a fitness product that helps stabilize your spine. When wearing the FMB, your body stays in alignment allowing you to workout without fear of injuring yourself.

The Functional Movement Brace can be used with or without the accompanying PVC pipe. Entry level exercisers should wear the FMB and PVC pipe during most exercises. And when shifting towards harder exercises, for example the Kettlebell Swing and Olympic Lifts, it is easier to leave the PVC out.

How to use your FMB:

Begin by taking the Brace out of the package. There are 3 parts inside. The larger portion is the portion that will fit onto your back like a backpack. The second smaller portion looks like a belt, BUT IS NOT necessary for all users. If you feel that you need additional support while you’re wearing the FMB than this belt will come in handy. The third and final piece is your PVC pipe.

For the main “backpack” piece there are three adjustment sites. The two “arms” adjust exactly the same, which is by Velcro on the inside of the strap. This will adjust for users’ different shoulder widths and arm sizes. The third and final adjustment site is on the back “spinal” portion of the main piece. This is also attached by Velcro, but the Velcro is on the outside. Adjusting the “spinal” strap higher will tighten the FMB under the arms. This spinal adjustment site is necessary when using the FMB without the PVC pipe, for example with Kettlebell Swings, Olympic Lifts, and when used ergonomically, for instance when sitting at your computer chair.

With the “belt” piece, the Velcro will attach to the “spinal” strap of the “backpack” portion from above. If needed, place this “belt” strap underneath the “spinal” part adjustment piece of the “backpack” portion. Both straps on the “belt” piece can adjust to increase or decrease circumference size around the waist. The “belt” should fit snuggly like a normal belt, bringing the FMB closer to your head, back and hips. The “belt” strap is only necessary when the PVC pipe is being used.


Things to remember with the Functional Movement Brace and exercise:

  1. As with all exercises, only perform an exercise if you can keep perfect form. It’s okay to drop weight, reps, sets, or perform the exercise at a less difficult level
  2. The FMB with the PVC pipe should fit snugly along the spine and touch along the back of the head, the center of the back (where it is attached) and to the lower back
  3. Adjustments to the shape of the FMB should be done while it is off of the user